Religious Tourism

Religious tourism is also referred to as pilgrimage tourism, where the primary purpose of travel is for pilgrimage to Temples, Churches or Masjids. West Godavari is a notable place with its rich and varied temples and shrines. It is a place of rich tradition, heritage and historical significance. Here, we provide a list of some historical, most visited and famous pilgrimages in West Godavari district along with their details.

Sri Venkateswara Swami temple:

gokula parijatha giri temple

Sri Venkateswara Swami temple located in Jangareddygudem is also called parijathagiri temple. This is a very beautiful place to visit and worship. It is a common belief that Jangareddygudem is the only town in Andhra Pradesh where there is a collection of seven mountains other than Tirumala Tirupathi. This temple was recently restructured due to increased number of pilgrims . Due to the presence of large Kalyanamandapam in the temple,many of the marriages are also taking place in this temple. Annadhanam, the sacred tradition of offering food also happens every day in this temple. Srivari brahmotsavam is conducted annually in this temple which is celebrated for around nine days.

Sri BhuniLa Sameta Sri Janardhana Swamy Kanyakumara Parameshwari Ammanala Temple, Eluru:

kanyaka parameswari temple

The creator of this creation, who created the Trinity, wanted to make himself mature and said that Brahma wanted the Sanker to accept the Vishnu and agreed to accept the third and the same. The passenger accepted the words and did not like the third one and the shankar, as the shankar padammanatu the scene. It created that part of the four parts and created three parts.
Lakshmi and Parvati, the influence of the power that he had acquired.The rest of the fourth part of the 101 portions of the rest of the village was asked to live and give each village a village for grammar. Thus, the gods that Lord Shiva ordered in the village every village as villages. These were the ones who were born to Nokkalamma, Polaremma, Sattemma and Mahavishnu as the name Pothuraju.

Maddi Anjaneya Swamy ( Lord hanuman ) temple:

Anjaneya Swami Temple

Maddi Anjaneya Swamy ( Lord hanuman ) temple is at 3 KM distance from Janareddigudem town. The name of the village is Gurvaigudem. Many devotees visit this temple in Tuesday and offer prayer to Lord Anjaneya Swamy. Like any other temple of South India there is nice queue system to get Darshan of Lord Hanuman. There is a special line of Rs 20 to go for a quick darshan bypassing the crowded free Darshan queue. There is a tradition of walking around the main temple sanctum 11 times ( known as Pradakshina) before going for darshan and your wishes will be fulfilled in a year time. Each round will take approximately one minute 30 seconds to one minute forty-five seconds depending on your walking speed. There is no fee for Photography or video inside the temple complex. There is no restriction on photography inside temple. Professional photographers are available to take your photo with temple in background.


Syed Baji Hazarat Dargah (ELURU)temp11

Hazarat Syed Yaakub Jaan Mahatmulavari Dargah. Eluru Eastern Street; Paidichintapadu; Eluru.




Abhaya budda Statue, Eluru

temp12A magnificent 74 feet Buddha statue was constructed in the middle of the pond named Gajjalavari Cheruvu[3] and a painting gallery was also created to spread the Buddha’s teachings. The pedestal is decorated with famous Amaravathi sculptures along the railings of the foot bridge up to the statue. ,